Outfits Jeans 2016

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17 thoughts on “MODA 2016| Outfits con Jeans
  1. Vanessa Vargas says:

    muy lindo :*

  2. vnru says:

    Gracias me gustaron las ideas

  3. Jess mejia says:

    todo bonito buen vídeo me fascinaron

  4. lis says:

    hola, me gustan los jean asi, pensando q para mi edad y mi fisico deben ser
    mas discreto, gracias por compartir, saludos

  5. V3r1ta doguez says:

    ♡♥♡♥♡ woooowww!!

  6. pink pink says:

    hola me gustan sus combinaciones,soy mamá y quisiera que hicieran un vídeo
    de como vestirse fashion y estar comoda

  7. Army Cuevas says:

    Q bellas prendas me fsscinaron;)

  8. Giovanna Cabrera says:

    me agradaron bonitos …

  9. Phalaen Fuscia says:

    De verdad amo está moda.????????????????????????

  10. SilvioAndres Molina says:

    Todo bien bonito,me gustaría saber como hecer para los pedidos

  11. Mercedes Perez says:

    enmi closet siempre tiene diferentes Jean yo lo uso mucho

  12. Jannys Michell Toquica Aguilar says:

    hola????????????????que ropa tan hermisa me encanto toda la ropa es el mejo

  13. Jannys Michell Toquica Aguilar says:

    la ropa mas hermosa del mundo

  14. Ruth Flores says:

    I almost always dressed well but my pregnancy now is impossible

  15. Serendipia 83 says:

    The Jenas in history began as work clothes and in the end we
    They have fallen in love. I almost always wear them down. It has inspired me
    much your video. I invite you to stop by my channel. A little kiss!

  16. Norma Izquierdi says:

    Everything is fine, the only problem is that they have hips and legs and
    as one that it seems heron because ehh.

  17. Rosa Hernandez says:

    Very nice pants

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