Is your style boho? We’re breaking down the style characteristics of floppy-hat-wearing, maxi-dress-loving, So Cal-dreaming hippies who love to express their inner flower child daily. Watch and let us know if you’re boho!

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11 thoughts on “Do You Dress Like a Hippie?
  1. XieonexFashion says:

    The “Guess whaaat ” part tho LOL <3

  2. Lynn N says:

    All those pics are what I like to call: The glam hippie! That is not
    dressing hippie!!! It’s all a stereotypical hippie fashion trend!!! 

  3. Grace Sofia says:

    Absolutely loved this episode!!! Pretty convinced I am a Hippie!

  4. plugrapls says:

    ok, please make this a series!! preppy, glam, girly, etc etc. 

  5. abloody blondieplease says:

    jordan always makes me laugh so much !! i said yes inly to two so i guess i
    have a hint of boho

  6. Velma Eve says:


  7. SweetiePie3117 says:

    LOVE Allison’s shoes!!!

  8. Eden Lovell says:

    I got seven altogether

  9. Maria Ramirez says:

    I’m sorry put this video doesn’t necessarily mean you are a hippie. This
    usually means that you like DRESSING boho or modern hippie. A hippie
    usually wears a lot old, thrifted clothes, they don’t take showers much
    because they want to conserve water as much as possible, they don’t wear
    any thing made from animals, because most of them are either vegetarian or
    vegan. They also don’t wear makeup. 

  10. Envy Homunculus says:

    most of these are what I call “Trying too hard” Hippie’s. They are people
    who wear completely random yet very expensive clothing only when “Hippie”
    is in style. Also just because you dress like a hippie doesn’t
    automatically make you a hippie.

  11. Stacia Moonlight says:

    Hippies should buy clothes from second hand! :)

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