A quick history about 1960s hippie fashion.
Interviews with Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane and Frank Zappa


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15 thoughts on “HIPPIE FASHION
  1. Josh Jones says:

    uh! uh! uh! uh! uh! uh! uh! uh! uh! 1:14

  2. M0N3t7 says:

    DICK GREGORY!!! 🙂 I love you hippies…even though I wasn’t born yet.
    These people are such a reflection of myself.

  3. Justin S says:

    Hippies FTW

  4. Mohammets says:

    My scrotum is paisley.

  5. Accelerator アクセラレータ says:

    @THESURREALHIPPIE Wait,what? Forgout what you just saids…..

  6. amadeus1186 says:

    To the hippies on here: Did you mean hippie as in your personality aligning
    with them or do you mean hippie as in you just do drugs?

  7. MeFishiee says:

    ME TOO!!! 1999 IS TOO LATE DAMNIT!!!

  8. Vivian Grinstead says:

    Grace Slick!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. robert dunmeyer says:

    2:06 looks cool. This music scene was before niggers took over music and
    ran it into the ground. They are worse than any harsh parent. The sex was
    probably cool but not as frequent as it is now. Drugs were cool too but the
    assholes and jocks all started using them by the early 1980s and that is
    more than enough reason to “just say no”

  10. robert dunmeyer says:

    Drugs stopped being cool one Nancy Reagan told us to “just say no.” AIDS
    ended the sex revolution after the disco era and that lasted quite a while.

  11. Kayla pierre louis says:

    2000 too….

  12. sadufo says:

    what documentary is this from? seems interesting.

  13. misterspot says:

    They cut off their brains with their hair and dicks popped out. God got
    angry and gave them war

  14. Thabang Selby Mathinjwa says:

    when was the grace slick interview, by whom and where.

  15. sunshineuk1965 says:

    I hope this documentary deals with Rockafellow owned vitto based illuminati
    programmed hippy movement and it’s military based beginnings…

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