Here’s the hippie inspired style HAUL that I promised to make you.

Links to everything I mention:
Vlog: ”The day my cat came back from the dead”:
Vlog: “Walking in the treetops”:
White shorts:
Festival sunnies:
Crochet Bikini tops: Veronica Swimwear:
Cacti slippers:
Purple/pink bag:
Colorful travel bag:
Vintage maxi dress:

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14 thoughts on “HIPPIE STYLE HAUL
  1. Kymberly Bravo says:

    I subscribed at 13 seconds (:

  2. Betti Lou says:

    I like your hair ????idk it looks like freedom

  3. SnowOctober says:

    Idk if you’ve already used that fabric for something, but I can totally see
    you making some pants with it. Like, that fabric for half of the pants, and
    the other half a nice earthy brown or green…

    I can so see you wearing that.

  4. positive riah says:

    The cactus shoes are dope asf ????

  5. Luna says:

    that black bikini top tho

  6. ARCH'ᴇʀ Nᴇᴍᴇsɪs says:

    You have beautiful eyes

  7. hippydoom says:

    I know it’s a bit later now that I watched this video, but if you haven’t
    already done anything witg the fabric; I’d make a kimono out of it.

  8. KimberlyMarlyn says:

    wait so they have thrift stores in Denmark ???

  9. Jennifer Copp says:

    I am going to get some dreadlock I love you as a friend

  10. Shelley W says:

    Love your art!

  11. Jóhanna Hye says:

    Do you live in Denmark?

  12. kitty brofist says:

    we have the same dreams lol I’ve always Wanted to get one of those vans and
    go traveling around Europe

  13. Crystal Duke says:

    I am so blessed to get to watch you and see how your growing and changing.
    life is beautiful. I love the sun and moon and purple too oh and owls and
    elephants and anything hippie and crystal’s. plus that’s my name! love you
    girlie and your Channel. bring me so much joy!

  14. ItsLK says:

    I made my own hippie haul, too :)

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